Retaining Walls for Salt Lake City and Park City

retaining wall

Retaining walls in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah are custom designed and installed by the professionals at Land Design by Armstrong. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

A professional quality retaining wall can do more than just retain earth and support land; it can also add a beautiful accent or eye-catching feature to any outdoor living space. Retaining walls can be used as a platform for a custom staircase into your custom built patio designs and deck designs.

Retaining walls can be used in single, double or even triple wall formations depending on the height of your wall and if you want to incorporate it as a garden wall.

Check out our water features and transform your retaining wall into a backyard oasis with a built in waterfall or pond. This offers a peaceful view and relaxing therapy to any outdoor living space.

rock retaining wall

Rock Retaining Walls

Landscape boulders ranging from 18-48 inches set to retain and create aesthetic planters. Learn more about our rock retaining walls.

block wall

Block Retaining Walls

A commonly used method of retaining wall is using blocks built of concrete or stackable Belgard for the purpose of vertical retention. Learn more about our block retaining walls.

timber wall

Timber Retaining Walls

Pressure treated timbers are tied to the hillside for a natural looking retaining wall. Learn more about our timber retaining walls.

concrete wall

Concrete Retaining Walls

A wall built of concrete and set on freeze line footing and tied with steel for reinforcement. The surface can remain brick, stucco, or concrete. Learn more about our concrete retaining walls.

dry stack wall

Dry Stack Retaining Walls

A dry stack stone retaining wall is a structure that is built without mortar and is usually built against a slight hill preventing the down-slope movement and erosion of earth from sliding into a building, road or other area. Learn more about our dry stack retaining walls.